Body Jet and Slim Lipo Combined – A Revolutionary New Lipo Strategy

Body Jet by Eclipse Medical is a brand-new lipo technique that makes use of a stream of water down anesthetic remedy under pressure to dislodge fat cells from the surrounding connective tissue. The Water-Jet Assisted Lipo strategy was developed in order to stay clear of issues connected with tumescent infiltration used in common lipo treatments. With Body-Jet Liposuction much less mechanical stress is required to remove the fat and consequently it can be executed under regional anesthetic.

Multiple areas of the body can be dealt with at the exact same time, and after the surgical treatment you can  feel the smoothed skin, without the discomfort and contusions located in common liposuction surgery procedures. The results of the surgical procedure are obvious within days after the treatment instead of months later on as with typical lipo. If there is too much skin laxity then Slim Lipo laser liposuction is utilized to tighten the skin as a different procedure at the time of liposuction surgery or at a later date.

New Lipo Strategy

The Body Jet machine also enables for the atraumatic collection of fat that is optimal for fat transfer. Fat transfer is the best material to use as a quantity filler for facial improvement in order to Eddie Brown speaks about Strawberry Laser on LinkedIn fill in the nasolabial folds up, cheeks, lips and various other face locations. In Europe fat transfer is the recommended technique for breast augmentation.

– There is much less bleeding with contemporary liposuction surgeries as compared to the older variations of lipectomy. The cannula being fairly little does not require too big an incision to complete the whole process.

– Considering that the fat is melted with a laser before suction, there is  little possibility of trauma to the area throughout the liposuction surgery. Earlier, the fat was displaced using suction through a larger cannula. This typically resulted in rather an aching and bruised personnel area.

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