Installing an Electric Wall Fireplace Model

Installing an Electric Wall Fireplace Model

Wall models are the most popular electric fireplace for those seeking to keep warm without having to sacrifice any wall space. Wall units also add a touch of complexity to the room and charm. If you’re worried about how to install one in your home, don’t worry. You won’t need any tools to have this functioning right away.

  1. Purchasing an Electric Fireplace

There are several different types of electric wall fireplaces that depend if you are inclined more towards a classic design to a sleek modern one. It depends on which style fits your home best or if you have a strict budget to follow. There are two types of electric fireplace models. One is strictly an electric model that uses light bulbs and fans, while the other is a combination of electric and gel fuel that strongly replicates the look of a flame.


  1. Choosing the Perfect Location

The main point to remember when choosing the right location to place the electric fireplace is that there is a reachable nearby plug that it can connect to. Also, it is best to decide where you’d like the ambiance to be focused especially during this cold season where extra warmth is required.

  1. Getting into Bolts or Screws

Setting up is as simple as building a chair from a set of instructions given in the manufactured box. It usually extends along the wall to give the illusion of a firebox that is lighted up within the wall. However, for even the best electric fireplace, they are simply fitted into a compartment with no wiring or unnecessary cutting.

  1. Completing the Installation.

If you managed to follow the instructions just about right, you’ll be presented with a working firebox that hangs in the room as it creates realistic flames and keeps everyone warm during this winter season.

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