Tips to Protect your Phone from Theft

Tips to Protect your Phone from Theft

It’s important to remember the phrase, “Treat your phone like your wallet” as your phone holds a large amount of personal and sensitive data that could easily be taken away by a stranger. Here are some preparation steps that could help you keep your phone from getting missing.

  1. Use a strong phone password

We’ve all been guilty of using the combination of 1234 at some point in our lives. Having a strong screen password buys you quite a lot of time in the event that your phone has already gone missing. Use a strong combination password that includes symbols, uppercase letters and lower case letters, and numbers.

  1. Use a phone tracking app

Smartphones often come together with a phone tracking app as part of the package. But if you have somehow erased it, there is a popular and effective app that is used for tracking apps made by a German developer known as “handy orten”. The app itself is called “Handy Orten App” or the “Handy Orten Phone App”  and it allows users to locate their phones or someone else’s phone during an emergency.

  1. Keep it in a secure place

This is the most obvious tip that we all may seem to neglect sometimes. However, just like treating your wallet, you’ll need to keep your phone at a place where prying hands are not able to reach you. Don’t leave your phone in a car even for a minute or even when the car is locked, you might end up losing both your phone and your car this way. Also, prevent from placing your phone in your back pocket as this is an easy way for thieves to snatch your phone away especially in a busy street where everyone is bumping into you.

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