John McCain on Abortion

Pro-life and an advocate for the Rights of Man everywhere

John McCain on Rights

Voted against MLK holiday in 1983; now calls that a mistake

John McCain on Crime

Voted YES on limiting product liability punitive damage awards.

John McCain on Education

Give parents easier access to obtain help for their children


“Change We Need.” and “Change.” – 2008 U.S. presidential campaign slogan of Barack Obama during the general election. “Hope” – 2008 U.S. presidential campaign slogan of Barack Obama during the general election. “Reform, prosperity and peace” – 2008 U.S. Presidential motto of John McCain.


  • Tips to Hiring a Professional Web Design Malaysia Agency

    One of the most significant decisions you make as a business or company is hiring a professional web design Malaysia agency. Businesses know it by heart of having a well designed website and that it is an investment that they should take for granted. The website affects the business’ online reputation and one false move can influence the perception of thousands of visitors of your web page. It can take a while to clean up your slate from that move. That is how fierce the virtual world can be and because of this reason, all the more you need to take time in hiring the right web design agency.

    Look for an agency that doesn’t abuse too trendy designs

    Your website is an investment and because it is like that, you must keep providing value to every aspect of your business as the years come by. If you compare the design of your website to how classic designs tend to stand the test of time, this is how you should see your web design agency as well. This means that web design agencies that go for the classic approach rather than ride on the trendy designs know the balance on how to keep websites in public view. They know that trendy designs will get your website at the top, but not for long. It may not be in a positive way either. Trends tend to fall out of fashion as fast as they have entered into the market. If you go for this kind of approach, this equally means that you have to pay every time you need to update the structure of your website’s design scheme.

    The best web design agencies understand well how copy and design work together

    Clients that consult for web design are told to prepare a copy or provide details on how they want their website to look like. Most of the time, the clients don’t have a clue on how their website is going to look like. Some of them would only point out to the agency the website that they want to look like by presenting a website that they fancy. When all the details are provided, the web designers convert these into visuals that will get the client to see how their website will look like.

    The best ones are those that focus on overarching the user messaging and experience that is being sent within the content. They utilize the best practices that they have in developing a website that will aid the visitors of all kinds look for the information that they came for efficiently and quickly. Even if a website is considered the best designed one in the world, if a customer or prospect cannot find what they are looking for easily, it will all be for naught.

    So far, those are the basics when looking for a professional web design Malaysia agency. As much as possible, you should be able to communicate with them properly, without resorting to anger when both parties can’t come to a conclusion.


  • Have you ever seen those health boards on the internet? And have you ever thought about checking them out if you want to know more about illnesses or even your general health? At one point in your life, you may even have looked at teen health boards on the internet. But is looking at these health forums online really that helpful to you? Well, the short answer is yes, especially if you want to know more about your general health.

    What do health services offer on the Internet?

    For help seekers, there are public discussion forums - from "A" like “allergy” to "T" like "teeth". Here are mostly medical lay people and give advice. Some services also provide expert help in doctors' forums. There, advice seekers receive information about their problem from a specialist. Health lexicons, drug databases, guidebooks, and breaking news allow users to browse information. Many providers also enable the search for doctors, pharmacies and self-help groups on site. Self-tests should animate for short checks at the click of a mouse. Further extras are doctor’s reviews, health insurance price calculator and bio weather forecasts.

    It is easier to get health advice on the internet

    For most health services, you need to register first. Then select the topic forum that suits your problem. There you describe your request, and shortly thereafter, the contribution appears in the forum. Now, other users can give you advice about your problem. The expert forums work according to the same pattern. However, specialists here usually answer the questions personally. In both cases, all contributions and answers are publicly available. You can even check out various kinds of health for teen’s advice even if you are still a very young person.

    If you are looking for information about health, you will find it for free at online health services such as those forum websites. Just remember to consult a doctor as well if you want to get a real expert's advice on the state of your health. Random people on the internet are not guaranteed to give you sound medical advice, after all. So it would be smarter to follow it up with a visit to the doctors.


  • Can you lose weight in just a matter of three months? It is most unlikely, right? Some may say that losing weight is simple but obviously, those who say this are not overweight. For one that is really problematic about his weight for a long time, three months are not enough to shed off unwanted fats.

    However, you will be surprised that this is quite possible with Phenq. Yes, after just three months of taking this losing weight pill, you can already see results. This is what you will also find out if you check out Phenq customer reviews.

    Before anything else though, these two tips below can also be used to hasten up your losing weight process:

    1. Minimize consuming sugars and starches

    These are the primary culprits of your unwanted fats. Once they are inside your body, they can easily promote more stored fats. Both of these types of foods can promote the secretion of insulin which is the primary fat storage hormone in our system.

    The end result if you do this is your appetite will be suppressed and you lose weight without having to endure hunger.

    1. Do your workout routine

    We all know that regular exercise can eliminate fats. However, there are those who are too busy to do this and too tired once they got the time. Thus even if already proven to be effective, this is usually ignored.

    Yes, it is not easy indeed to lose weight and this is the reason why you will see different losing weight pills in the market these days. However, some of them can bring about a lot of negative side effects.

    If you check out, you will learn that Phenq has no side effects. Well, there might be some who experience them but because they are quite trivial, they just don’t remember them when making the online review.


  • Lonely? Are you bored because you don’t have someone special? Yes, we always need someone to cheer us especially at times when we are kind of sad. He doesn’t have to be someone you can end up with for the rest of your life. He can just also someone you can become friends with!

    With the internet at its best these days, you don’t need to limit yourself to the people around your area. You can now meet other people around the world as well by joining random chat sites. That is right and there are already a number of them you can find online.

    However, you should also be wary when choosing sites like this as not all of them are safe. Besides, meeting strangers even in random cam is already something to be wary, what more if the site is unsafe as well!

    At the same time, you should also be cautious when it comes to a stranger chat. Don’t divulge too much about yourself in the first time you talk to him. You can use these tips below if this is the first time you are going to chat with strangers online:

    1. This is not the time to be formal

    You are trying to find a friend here and are not applying for a job. Thus you should just be informal like a ‘hey’ instead of a ‘hi’. See to it that you always have something to say even if sometimes, it is already awkward.

    1. One thing you should not talk about in your first conversation is how gloomy you are. This will ruin the atmosphere and you are that close enough yet to share bad days. Doing so will surely bore him.
    2. Just be friendly and always be interesting. Don’t show him everything at once as you will be assumed as desperate. Note that what you will show him, he will assume you also show to others. Be sure to just be friendly at the start. Don’t start something serious as you might scare him.

    Inn this time and age, one should never get lonely. Even if she is living alone as long as she has a computer and an internet connection, one can still find a friend out there. With the world being congested with so many people, it will be weird if you can find one after chatting online.


  • Wall models are the most popular electric fireplace for those seeking to keep warm without having to sacrifice any wall space. Wall units also add a touch of complexity to the room and charm. If you’re worried about how to install one in your home, don’t worry. You won’t need any tools to have this functioning right away.

    1. Purchasing an Electric Fireplace

    There are several different types of electric wall fireplaces that depend if you are inclined more towards a classic design to a sleek modern one. It depends on which style fits your home best or if you have a strict budget to follow. There are two types of electric fireplace models. One is strictly an electric model that uses light bulbs and fans, while the other is a combination of electric and gel fuel that strongly replicates the look of a flame.


    1. Choosing the Perfect Location

    The main point to remember when choosing the right location to place the electric fireplace is that there is a reachable nearby plug that it can connect to. Also, it is best to decide where you’d like the ambiance to be focused especially during this cold season where extra warmth is required.

    1. Getting into Bolts or Screws

    Setting up is as simple as building a chair from a set of instructions given in the manufactured box. It usually extends along the wall to give the illusion of a firebox that is lighted up within the wall. However, for even the best electric fireplace, they are simply fitted into a compartment with no wiring or unnecessary cutting.

    1. Completing the Installation.

    If you managed to follow the instructions just about right, you’ll be presented with a working firebox that hangs in the room as it creates realistic flames and keeps everyone warm during this winter season.


  • Are you still a newbie in the sewing industry? Maybe you have not even bought your first sewing machine yet? If that is the case, you certainly end up on the right page. Here in this article, we will help you choose your first ever sewing device.

    I know that choosing one of the top rated sewing machines is not that easy for newbies. You don’t know what to prioritize as you are not even well-versed about the device yet. What I’m going to do is give you the best options for beginners. Check this out:

    1. Brother CS6000i Sewing Machine

    This is just perfect if you are planning to do a number of quilting projects. It is quite convenient to use as well as the accessories are just stored in the device itself. It comes with an LCD display that shows the settings for stitches. It is also worthy to note that this device is jam resistant and with a quick-set top drop-in bobbin.

    1. Janome 8002D Serger

    This is capable of 3 to 4 thread overlock stitching. Professional finish is possible because of the built-in rolled hem feature. Threading will be a breeze as well as it comes with a color-coded threaded chart that is easy to read.

    1. Brother XL2600I Sewing Machine

    This comes with a free-arm feature. This is the best for novices as it is also equipped with 25 built-in stitches. The manual comes with 5 languages thus you will surely easily understand it. However, one should note that this is not recommended to countries that don’t use 120V AC even if there is an adapter.

    1. Janome 11706 3/4 Size Hello Kitty Sewing Machine

    This device is really aesthetically pleasing and that should be a plus point already. It also has a free-arm feature and comes with 11 stitches as well as a four-step buttonhole. This can be used by students as well as this is quite handy thus you can easily bring this to your class.

    These are just some of the top rated sewing machines that are best for newbies. They have features that can make the sewing experience of newbies smoother. It is quite important that when you are still starting about something, you choose only a device that is designed for your skill.

    So with these top rated sewing machines, you should be able to pick one you think is best for your preferences.


  • Photos are pieces of objects that hold memories for the different moments of our lives. It is an important part of history, and it is still important now when you’re looking back. Some take photography as a serious hobby and has been keeping it as their goal to improve themselves to capture life’s greatest moments. Even if it is a landscape of a beautiful overview of the mountains to people laughing over spilled cake, it is still nice to look at the moments that were captured. But most often, memories do fade away, there are blots that just takes the spotlight away from the whole meaning of the picture, maybe insecurities about that scar on your face. This is where software step in to make pictures accentuate their delicate details and improve them. Searching up tools that will enhance photos is not difficult, but it can leave you undecided with the number of options presented to you.

    While some people may be against editing photos, people who do put their purpose in photography to have them enhanced for a personal reason could relate to one another when it comes to choosing the best photo editing tool. Enhancing photos is often called a lying game or a cheating factor that makes the photos look better than they are. It could be perceived that way, but in reality, enhancing photos is simply a way to make your photos stand out from the elements that are hidden at different corners. It is just like adding more sprinkles to an ice cream.

    Photo enhancing software like GIMP or Photoshop is a good start to get yourself familiarised with the professional workspace that most photographers or designers are accustomed to every day. If you’re looking to enhance your features, however, there are simpler more straightforward programs that will help with that greatly. Finding an enhance photo program that suits you is dependent on the platform that you use. Photo enhancing programs for smartphones are littered all over in the app store. Mobile enhancement apps are convenient, often free and straightforward to use. You can edit photos right in the palm of your hands just after taking a shot. While those on Desktops may lack in portability, however, there are hundreds of tutorials available to teach you how to enhance photos. Sites that offer free beauty enhancements services such as PinkMirror are fast, easy, and hides your delicate blemishes away with an award-winning defined cheekbone with no cost.


  • There is no denying that internet is now almost as important as electricity. This is becoming a necessity in almost all countries. In fact, you can hardly find a home these days without an internet connection. It seems that they are now completely reliant on this commodity.

    Are you also planning to apply for postpaid broadband? If that is the case, you should make sure you end up with a reputable provider. This is not an easy thing though but no worries as there are companies that can assist you in this daunting process and one of them is the

    Yes, is a pro when it comes to finding the best deals. You should give them a call.

    When applying for broadband though, there are factors you must consider such as the following:

    You will be given some options when it comes to the contract period though they have a minimum length of 2 years for example. You must be careful when deciding on the contract period as you cannot change provider while the contract is still running.

    Another aspect to consider is the speed of the internet. If this is just for domestic use, choosing an expensive high-speed option might be too much. However, if this is for business, you should get the fastest as you surely don’t want your customers to be running to the next internet café!

    And most importantly, you should check out their signal strength. This, actually is the most important as everything will be useless when you end up with a company that has a slow internet connection.

    Do you want to make sure you will be paired with the right company? If that is the case, give a call now! They are just waiting for you and they can be your best ally.


  • Modelling is a commonly misunderstood career. This is especially the case for SIngapore as the Asian culture looks poorly upon careers that don’t have a history of promising revenue. Freelance models in Singapore not only face the cruel stigma of abusing drugs for their physique, but the overwhelming lack of support for their ventures. In approaching Singapore modelling agency, iModel Holdings states that models not only need to meet the physical requirements demanded by the modelling industry, they must also strive for individuality. First thing’s first, those who intend to work towards becoming a model will need a portfolio demonstrating their experience and uniqueness. The competition is rather twofold for female models in the industry as women are being required to meet standards that are well beyond their reach. For instance, the requirement for flawless and fair skin, as well as unusually slender physiques makes the industry more challenging for Asian women to compete against. However, there’s no getting around this as it is in fact the International expectations of modelling agencies when scouting and training models.

    The Singaporean modelling scene is by far the most competitive among Southeast Asian countries. Freelance models are being developed rapidly in hopes of becoming among the prettiest female models in Singapore. This is equally challenging for both male and female models alike. The freelance models Singapore produces tend to share a common trait, ambitiousness. To be among the most beautiful Singapore Models, the struggle to stand out and keep up with the changing demands of the industry is truly captivating.  A modelling agency Singapore offers, Basic Models Management, suggests that models enter the industry with strong willpower and a desire to comply with standard the dietary and lifestyle requirements imposed. With that, along with an abundance of determination, perseverance and patience, will one be able to become among the models selected to represent Singapore Models for Events on a global scale.


  • It’s important to remember the phrase, “Treat your phone like your wallet” as your phone holds a large amount of personal and sensitive data that could easily be taken away by a stranger. Here are some preparation steps that could help you keep your phone from getting missing.

    1. Use a strong phone password

    We’ve all been guilty of using the combination of 1234 at some point in our lives. Having a strong screen password buys you quite a lot of time in the event that your phone has already gone missing. Use a strong combination password that includes symbols, uppercase letters and lower case letters, and numbers.

    1. Use a phone tracking app

    Smartphones often come together with a phone tracking app as part of the package. But if you have somehow erased it, there is a popular and effective app that is used for tracking apps made by a German developer known as “handy orten”. The app itself is called “Handy Orten App” or the “Handy Orten Phone App”  and it allows users to locate their phones or someone else’s phone during an emergency.

    1. Keep it in a secure place

    This is the most obvious tip that we all may seem to neglect sometimes. However, just like treating your wallet, you’ll need to keep your phone at a place where prying hands are not able to reach you. Don’t leave your phone in a car even for a minute or even when the car is locked, you might end up losing both your phone and your car this way. Also, prevent from placing your phone in your back pocket as this is an easy way for thieves to snatch your phone away especially in a busy street where everyone is bumping into you.


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